Shakira at Davos

An important part of the World Economic Forum (WEF) annual meeting at Davos involves inviting stars who the billionaires and world leaders may not have met before. For example, the 2016 meeting ended with a cello performance by Zoe Keating. While excellent, I found wondering what this piece had to do with the world economy but was nevertheless happy that a talented musician was recognized.

This year Shakira will be attending to promote her “Barefoot Foundation” organization which helps vulnerable and impoverished children through quality education. While your poor correspondent (YPC) has certainly heard of Shakira, he can’t proclaim himself to be a fan. However, if Klaus Schwab has invited Shakira to Davos, YPC takes this as an opportunity to learn more about her work.

Shakira’s first US single was “Whenever, Whatever“, which goes back to 2001 and has 330M hits. That’s further back than I thought, and 330M is a lot of hits. Shakira’s music is a blend of world music and rock with a heavy Latin influence, which is not surprising as she is Columbian and lives in Spain. There is also a lot of dancing.

The Shakira expert living in our house, who I did not know was a Shakira expert, then told me the next song I must listen to is “Hips Don’t Lie“, which is from 2006 and has 400M hits. This Shakira expert then sang and extended section of the song and performed several dance moves of which I did not know she was capable. She also told me that Shakira’s baby is, “totally cute.”

Finally, Shakira recorded “Waka, Waka (This time for Africa)” for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa and has received 1.3 billion hits, which is a lot. I can’t say that I’m a huge Shakira fan, but I’m thankful for knowing more about her know and am especially impressed by her longevity, the professional quality of her videos, and the views they have received. So I feel like Klaus Schwab has helped me to make a connection and learn more about globe, and isn’t that really what Davos is all about?


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